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My personal site, which I use as a personal portfolio and showcase of my work.

Check out an evolution of this site over time, if you're so inclined.

My newest comic, a crowdsourced choose-your-own-adventure with reddit-style voting for what should happen next! was four iframes of Google on one page. Started by my good friend Alex Sowieja and I, this site went viral thanks to an anonymous post on the site My Life is Average.

Back in its heyday was getting upwards of 1.5 million views in a month, but then Google sent us a cease and desist for using their name in the url, so we moved to

Featured on:

A Lot of Internet

We removed "google" from the url and the default start page, but popular sites like and started implementing scripts to break out of iFrames, so we had to abandon the idea altogether. It was fun while it lasted.

Both and are now offline.


My photography blog. Updated very rarely.

Other Domains

In addition, I own these domains. If you have an idea of something to use them for, I would welcome the input! Some of them are from old businesses, some are from projects that never took off.